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Khan! The Me Generation


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Khan! The Me Generation
Released: 2010
13 Tracks

Formerly known as Dre Dog, Andre Nickatina is a San Francisco rap legend who somehow remains relatively unknown outside of Northern Cali, despite an abundance of quality material released since the early ‘90s (most notably The New Jim Jones and the three-volume Cocaine Raps series). Rhyming mostly about the drug game, the pimp game, and the seedy underbelly of life in the City By the Bay, he brings an O.G.'s perspective to familiar and well-worn topics that would be played out in the verses of a lesser MC. Relentlessly stylish, with a compelling mix of griminess and offbeat humor, he's something like a mix of Mac Dre and Spice1; hardcore, smooth, and funny, all at the same time. Each of these 12 tracks is great, but don't miss the ode to gentlemen's clubs "Nicky's (Strip Club)," "Popeye's Certified," and "Tony Montana."