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Bullets, Blunts and ah Big Bankroll

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Bullets, Blunts and ah Big Bankroll
Released 2004
14 Tracks

"Sold Out Show"- 0:45
"I'm a Junkie"- 2:51 (Featuring Equipto)
"Eye's of a Child"- 2:19 (Featuring Equipto)
"Nasty Like College Chicks"- 2:40
"Andre-n-Andre"- 3:51 (Featuring Mac Dre)
"Ceasar Enrico"- 3:02
"Heaven Thru the Backdoor"- 3:21
"At My Car"- 2:40
"My Wishes"- 3:11 (Featuring Equipto)
"Blood In My Hair"- 3:47
"2 T-Shirts n a Adidas Suit"- 3:25
"1 of the Same"- 3:34
"Crackin Like Pastachios"- 2:23
"Bonus"- 1:58

As has become his custom, Andre Nickatina opens Bullets, Blunts N Ah Big Bank Roll with an affable sing-along. The disarmingly titled “I’m a Junkie” is off-kilter enough to please Nickatina addicts, but funky enough to please the street hustlers in their Cadillacs. Nickatina has always carried with him the air of the occult, as well as the mischievous sensibility of the surrealists. At the same time, he is a street cat to the core, not only in his convictions, but in his delivery. He sounds at all times like a baritone preacher from the ghetto sidewalk. Bullets, Blunts N Ah Big Bank Roll mashes together these disparate components, with one persona usually winning out over others in each song. Nickatina is the only man in rap who can pull off songs like “Crackin Like Pastachios,” ''Ceasar Enrico'' and “Nasty Like College Chicks,” but his new specialty is the less-hectic low-end grandeur of “At My Car” and “Andre N Andre.” The latter song is a magnificent duet with kindred spirit Mac Dre and the song would later serve as the cornerstone of the collaborative compilation A Tale of Two Andres.