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Booty Star

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Booty Star - Glock Tawk
Released 2007

"7 Letters Coked Out"- 2:01
"Booty Star (Glock Tawk)"- 2:24
"Zestways" (Coke Remix)- 3:31 (Featuring Husalah, and The Jacka)
"San Francisco Bay"- 3:33
"Pineapple Juice"- 3:03
"3 So What A.M. So What"- 2:48
"W-X-I'll Tell U-Y"- 3:12
"My Friend Mac Dre"- 1:43
"She's In Love With The Camera"- 3:05
"Contract Out On Cupid"- 3:35
"Book Called Fillmoe"- 3:49
"Baddest Bitch On The Planet"- 2:50
"U-N-Her"- 3:32 (Featuring San Quinn)
"Bonus"- 3:12 (Featuring Shag Nasty)

As strip-club culture becomes a more prominent part of mainstream rap culture, it’s a relief to see a true subversive like Nickatina worm his way into the conversation. These songs are bass-oriented and the intoxicating effect of females is unquestionably at the heart of “Pineapple Juice,” “She’s in Love With the Camera” and “Baddest Bitch On the Planet.” However, the album is by no means a mindless celebration of strip-club culture. “Contract Out On Cupid” shows signs of a stress than can not be alleviated by the party: “Man, I’ve been fightin’ my addictions with thangs that make me addicted / Man, welcome to the rap world, baby girl it’s twisted.” Strangely, the album’s best track feels out of place. “Zestways” is a hyper-focused drug-rap anthem that features uproarious energy from two of Nickatina’s spiritual offspring, Husalah and the Jacka. The song’s gritty anger is countered with “My Friend Mac Dre,” in which Nickatina pays tribute to his murdered comrade by ceasing to rap. With withering clarity, Nick Peace’s somber beat articulates the sadness felt by an entire region.